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Nuestras auxiliares de inglés se despiden


Hi Students!

I hope you’re all doing well and have completed your courses with “flying colors!” I’m saddened we could not all say goodbye in person but that doesn’t diminish the experiences we did get to have. I had so much fun teaching all of you and I hope you had fun too! While this semester wasn’t the usual plan we’re used to, I’m so proud of how you all were able to adjust to the changes and progress with your English. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and get to practice your English more! 




Well, it is that time unfortunately and school has ended. Although this year didn’t turn out the way anyone expected, it is still a time to remember. This year was about growth and experiencing new things that you are not used to. My time at IES Valmayor is over and I am sad to see this experience end. In the beginning of my time here, I was very nervous about how it would go and what would happen. Immediately upon my arrival, I was very welcomed and once I met all of the students, everything seemed to be great! To all of the classes I have been with since the start, 1 Bachillerato A, B, C, my small group of 4 Eso, and 2 Eso B, C. From the start, you all have made me feel comfortable and we have had many laughs, smiles, and learning throughout our journey. It was a pleasure working with all of you and you are all such great students! Teaching you all English has been a great experience for me and I am going to miss you all so much. Thank you for being eager to learn and being patient, I am proud of all of the progress everyone has made! Thank you to all the teachers as well for helping me through this experience and making it enjoyable. To the students, good luck on your next adventure and I hope you continue to practice English! I hope to see you all again very soon! 



To the students and teachers at I.E.S. Valmayor, 

I hope that you all have been remaining healthy and safe during these crazy times. It makes me sad that we haven’t been able to properly say “goodbye” after so many great times together. However, I’d like to take the time to say something to each of the groups that I was lucky enough to work with this year. 

To my 1st of E.S.O students, you were such a fun group and I’m remembering all of the cool projects we did together such as Valentine’s Day cards and St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks. Each and every one of you are hardworkers with positive attitudes. I loved how you were always so excited when we had class together! I will miss you dearly and best of luck in 2nd of E.S.O. 

To my 2 of E.S.O students, although we did not get to spend a lot of time together I already knew some of you from the previous year. All of you were very kind and fun to be around. I wish you the best as you begin 3rd of E.S.O. 

To my 4th of E.S.O. students, I was so happy to work with you this year. We focused on more adult topics such as preparing for interviews, writing CVs and even having some heated debates! You guys were such a great group and I know that you will do amazing in 1st of Bachillerato! 

My 1st of Bachillerato!!!! It was very special for me to see how much you have grown from 4 of E.S.O to where you are now. You’ve all improved your English in so many ways. My favorite was your News Report project. You all did such a good job with the video editing, being creative and having fun. 

To my 2nd of Bachillerato, I can’t believe you are already finished with high school. I know you’ve had such a stressful year with preparing for exams and deciding what you are going to do after graduation. Just remember to choose something that will truly make you happy and don’t forget to always work hard and remain positive. Best of luck to you all on your new adventures! 

Of course I must address all of the wonderful teachers at I.E.S. Valmayor. Many thanks to the English Department for allowing me to have such an amazing and productive year. I of course must give many special thanks to Ana A. and Ana G. for the last 2 years together. You’ve both shown me what it is to be dedicated educators who are passionate about what they do. Many thanks to Silvia for always supporting since I arrived to the school back in 2018. And of course thank you, Bernardita for not getting angry with me when I always accidentally took the keys home! More special thanks to Angelica, Elena, Antonio, Curro and all of the teachers who always joined me every week for lovely conversations and fun games. 

Working at I.E.S. Valmayor for the past 2 years has honestly been such a special experience that has taught me a lot about what it means to be a great teacher. It really does make me tearful knowing that the year had to end so shortly. Please know that I will never forget all of the wonderful memories that we had together. 

What’s next for me you might be asking? As some of you might know, I am marrying my Spanish boyfriend after almost 4 years together! Therefore, I will continue living in Madrid for now. Hopefully one day I can visit you all again at the school or if we are lucky, our paths may cross in the near future. Take care and I wish you all the very best! 

With all of my heart, 



What a crazy end of the year, right? It was nice to meet you all and I had great time getting to know you. Since the first day I arrived, I have felt so welcome and accepted at your school. I loved sharing all the laughs and smiles with you in each and every 2 ESO and 3 ESO class I was a part of. I wish we could have finished the year together, but I am proud of what we were able to achieve in just a few short months. Congratulations on ending the year strong, despite all the circumstances. I hope you all continue practicing English and I hope to see you around Madrid, Spain, or in another part of the world one day.

Thank you so much to the English department, Ana A, Ana G, Nuria, Isabel and Jose for being so welcoming and helpful since my first day at the school. Also, big thanks to Silvia for always being patient with me and making sure I had all my documents turned in on time.  

I will remember each and everyone one of you. It was truly my pleasure meet and work with each and every teacher and student at IES Valmayor. 


Despedida de 4º


Queridos alumnos de 4º de ESO.

No hemos podido celebrar presencialmente vuestra despedida de 4º ESO. Rocío ha preparado esta presentación para vosotros . Os la dedicamos en este momento importante para vosotros en el que vuestros caminos empiezan a tomar direcciones distintas.

Os tenemos muy presentes. Un fuerte abrazo a todos,

El equipo del IES VALMAYOR


Y vuestras orlas:

_Orla 4ºA

Orla 4ºB

Orla 4ºC

Ayudas individualizadas al transporte escolar


Está previsto que el próximo día 24 se publique en el BOCM la convocatoria de ayudas individualizadas de transporte escolar.

El plazo de solicitud será del 25 de junio al 15 de julio, ambos inclusive (Es imprescindible pedir cita previa en el centro para presentar la documentación)

Se adjuntan los impresos de solicitud de ayuda individualizada para el transporte escolar, curso 2019/2020, y la autorización para presentar la solicitud.

  • La solicitud debe estar firmada por el padre y la madre. Cualquier circunstancia legal que impida la firma de los dos progenitores debe ser acreditada documentalmente.

  • Comprobar que los datos son legibles: DNI, email, teléfono, NIA, número de cuenta bancaria con datos completos (IBAN), etc.

  • Aunque se puede autorizar la comprobación del padrón, en muchas ocasiones la aplicación informática no hace la validación por no encontrar la dirección, por tanto, mejor si se aporta volante de empadronamiento. En todo caso, la dirección debe coincidir con los datos que figuren en la solicitud.

  • Aportar libro de familia.

  • En los casos de alumnos con necesidad de apoyo educativo es necesario que aporten copia de la resolución de escolarización en el centro.

En el caso de acercamiento a ruta, se debe emitir otra certificación donde figure la parada, dirección, etc., de la ruta que el alumno utiliza.

Equipo directivo.



Convocatoria asamblea del AMPA


Estimadas socias/os,

Nos ponemos en contacto con vosotros para convocaros a la última asamblea general del curso 2019-2020 que tendrá lugar el jueves 18 de junio a las 18:00 horas. 

Será una asamblea on-line. El miércoles 17, como muy tarde, os enviaremos el enlace para conectaros y os informaremos de cómo hacerlo, aunque ya debéis de estar muchos hechos unos expertos/as.

Silvia Elices, la directora, asistirá para contarnos cómo está finalizando este curso tan atípico y qué perspectivas hay para el próximo, al menos las actuales pues varían constantemente.

Os recordamos que tanto la presidenta como el tesorero dejan sus cargos y necesitamos que os unáis a la junta para que el AMPA pueda seguir existiendo y favoreciendo el buen funcionamiento del centro.


  1. Lectura y aprobación del acta anterior, si procede.

  1. Balance de este curso escolar en el centro y previsiones para el próximo curso:

       Invitada Silvia Elices – Directora del IES  Valmayor  

  1. El sentido de la existencia del AMPA y de ser socia/o: resumen de las actividades realizadas por el AMPA durante este curso y las colaboraciones directas con el centro. 

  1. Renovación de la junta directiva

  1. Las cuentas del AMPA

  1. 6. Ruegos y preguntas

Os esperamos,

La junta directiva.