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El confinamiento de nuestras auxiliares de inglés


Nuestras auxiliares de inglés, Vera, Kelly, Chanel y Caitlin, os quieren contar cómo llevan su confinamiento.


Dear students, I hope you are all staying safe during this quarantine. It’s important to stay positive and active during these times. Don’t be afraid to try new things such as: painting, arts and crafts, cooking and improving your English! Here is a short vlog showing my typical quarantine day. I’ve been doing a lot of baking which has been so much fun. Here is the link to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Enjoy!😊🍪



Hi guys! I hope we’re all staying healthy right now. During lock down, I’ve been trying to keep busy with a few different activities. I recently got some books and tennis balls on amazon prime to keep me a little more active. I love baking and learned how to make a traditional bread for Easter a few weeks ago. It’s important to stay active right now, so I like to make lists of things I can do in my down time. Whenever I’m bored, I go back to my list and choose another activity. I hope you guys are staying healthy and active right now! 




My lockdown has been non-eventful. I work during the day teaching English online to Chinese and Vietnamese children. I also work on material for my 2 schools in Madrid. I meet with my friends and family often on facetime and Zoom where also chat about our quarantine lives. I feel like I’ve watched the entire Netflix catalogue in these almost 2 months of quarantine. Now that we are able to go outside, I try to walk/run at least once a day. I’ve also been cooking quite a bit and finding new recipes to try. I’m counting down the days we can go back to normal life…


Dear Students,
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this quarantine! Even though times are a little crazy right now, it important to stay positive and to keep your mind busy. I get the chance to speak to some of you every week and I hear wonderful updates on what you all are doing to keep busy. Some include: cooking, walking pets, playing video games and practicing English! During this quarantine, I am hanging out with my friends, cooking and doing different activities. My favorite things that I’ve been doing are playing Monopoly, Ludo, cards, and even coloring to keep me relaxed. It is important to stay active and positive and just remember we are going to get through this and it will all be over soon! 


Puertas Abiertas en la Carlos III


La Universidad Carlos III de Madrid ha tenido que cancelar algunas de las Jornadas de Puertas abiertas previstas de forma presencial.

Dado que es un momento crucial para muchos estudiantes de bachillerato y sus familias que se enfrentan a la elección de titulación y universidad en una situación excepcional, han programado las Jornadas de Puertas abiertas online. Podréis participar en encuentros virtuales con los responsables de las titulaciones, así como intervenir y plantear las consultas que tengáis sobre sus programas y la metodología de estudios. Os adjuntamos la web con la información, las fechas y horarios de los encuentros. En las cuatro jornadas es necesaria la inscripción.

Jornadas de puertas abiertas on line uc3m

Las fechas programadas son:

  • Escuela Politécnica Superior: viernes, 22 de mayo, 17 h
  • Facultad de Humanidades, Comunicación y Documentación: viernes, 22 de mayo, 17 h
  • Campus de Colmenarejo: viernes, 29 de mayo, 17 h  
  • Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas: viernes, 29 de mayo, 17 h